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The Difference is in the Design...

We at J&J are proud to present our I-330-C2+ instrument and user-friendly Windows software. Built upon the trusted design of the popular C2, our C2+ system offers reliability and flexibility to the clinician and researcher. Our Windows Software has been designed to be so intuitive that it takes only minutes to learn! We are sure that once people have tried it, word-of-mouth news will spread as to its easy-to-use design and superior functionality.

Our software has been designed with the needs of the clinician and researcher in mind and includes integrated report generation, attractive feedback screens and flexible user configuration. Screen features include automated operation for convenience but, if you prefer, all automated presets can be easily clicked off so that you have complete control over all features. Our software is fully compatible with all the newest Windows releases - Windows98, WindowsNT, Windows2000, and WindowsME, and WindowsXP.

To go with our system we have designed gel-free sensors for fast hookups with no disposable costs. These sensors have a non-threatening, non-medical appearance and are held on by comfortable flexible sports bands. They are appealing to all ages and are especially nice for working with children.

Good news for C2 owners!

The C2 systems in the field are upgradable to the new Windows software so, C2 owners, please contact J&J if you are interested in upgrading.

System Requirements

On the product pages we have listed a recommended computer speed of 1 GHz. However, the need for processor speed is screen specific. If you don't mind slower performance on the processor hungry spectral display screens, the Windows software and C2+ should run on slower systems, too.

If you want to use dual monitor features, a faster machine (over 2GHz) is recommended.

We are committed to supporting your work with the highest quality engineering designs and software.

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