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DOS Software Troubleshooting

Hardware problems you may encounter

Problems with Sound and Video Problems with Power Management

Error messages that you might receive

This Program Performed an Illegal Operation

The I-330C is Not Responding
Divide by Zero Sample Data Packet Lost

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Problems With Sound and Video

Use This If You Are Unsure Of Your Model Of Sound Card Or Video Card:

This is the Windows 95 System Properties Screen. You can use this to determine the type of video card and sound card that your system has.

You can open it either by clicking on the system icon in the control panel or by right clicking your mouse on the My Computer icon on your windows desktop and choosing Properties. Then click on the Device Manager tab.

Remember to click on the + next to Display Adapters and Sound, video and game controllers to view the items.

Sound: Many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Computers do not have the Sound Drivers for DOS installed. Because your USE2 system operates under DOS, you will need the drivers that enable your sound card in DOS. In most cases you can obtain these from your computer vendor or download them off the Internet. The Internet addresses for some of the more popular sound card vendors are:


Web Site Address

Creative Labs (Maker of Sound Blaster)


Ensoniq Soundscape (Maker of Vivo)


Unlisted Sound Cards


(Click on Drivers and then Multimedia)

Video: If you experience problems with video, you may need a VESA driver or a specific driver for your video card. Like the sound card, there are video card drivers available from most video card vendors on the Internet. Also, a third party shareware VESA driver is available at our website on the links and downloads section. Feel free to download it.

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Problems With Power Management...

Many computers include power-saving features that constantly check the COM ports for activity, thus causing communication problems for your biofeedback equipment. Disable all power-management features on your computer.

You may need to change your computer's BIOS settings to disable power management. To change your BIOS settings, use the following procedure.

  1. Restart your computer. You should be prompted to press the Delete, ESC, F1 or F2 key to enter System Setup. Press and hold the appropriate key until you enter the BIOS Setup program. (Some laptops have a special key combination. Refer to your Owner's Manual.)
  2. Once in the BIOS Setup program, you have several menu options. Within these menus, look for Power Management or Power Saving.
  3. Disable all Power Management or Power Saving features
  4. When you exit the BIOS Setup program, you may be asked if you wish to save your settings. Choose "Yes".

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This program performed an illegal operation

This error is a result of running the USE2 program in a Windows environment. To fix this, you must modify the properties of the icon (right-click it) and ensure that the program is set to run in MS-DOS.

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Sample Data Packet Lost

This error is a result of running the USE2 at a higher sampling rate than your computer's communication port is capable of. This is usually found when running an I-410 on a laptop or not using a high-speed serial card on the desktop computer.

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"I-330C Not Responding" Error…

"The I-330C Is Not Responding" error means that the USE2 program is looking at a specific COM Port with a Specific IRQ number and not seeing the biofeedback equipment.

Always check to see that you have the equipment connected to the computer and that the power is on. That is where the majority of problems lie. If you feel you need to re-run the IRQTEST program, refer to configuring your biofeedback equipment for instructions.

To see what devices are on which COM Port, perform the following: Open the Device Manager in the System Properties by clicking on the System icon in the Control Panel or by right clicking your mouse on the My Computer icon on your windows desktop and choosing Properties. Then click on the Device Manager tab.

Double Click the word computer. You will now see a list of IRQ’s under the Setting tab.

Current IRQ Assignments: Make sure that there is no IRQ sharing.

(i.e. the same number is not listed twice)

Current COM Ports (Make sure the COM port you Selected is listed here)

If you continue to have problems, feel free to contact J&J Engineering Technical Support.

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"Divide by Zero" Error…

This error occurs if there is an error within the hardware, usually if a lead (such as the SCL lead) is shorted. If you can click on OK and then proceed, fine. If not, please contact J&J Engineering Technical Support for assistance.


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