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          I-330-C2+ 12 Channel

               Flexible and Powerful
EMG, EEG, ECG, HRV, Resp, SR, Temp

I-330-C2+ 12 Channel

The popular I-330-C2+, now has advanced Windows software and a fast USB interface! It’s 4 differential channels for EMG, ECG, EEG, and 8 channels for temperature, skin resistance, and respiration, provide power, flexibility and functionality for a multitude of customized uses. J&J Engineering’s new Windows software displays signals, provides feedback, collects data, prints reports, and exports database compatible files. Features include automatic testing of electrode impedance for connection quality, easy hookup with reusable gel free sensors, and fast channel sampling at 1024 SPS for high resolution spectral displays and precision filtering. Connects via USB to any 1 GHz (or faster) laptop or desktop running WindowsXP or older Windows versions with current updates.

The I-330-C2’s 12 channel capability supports simultaneous monitoring of signals, such as:

  • 2-person monitoring for ECG, HRV, Respiration, Skin Resistance or Conductance, and Temperature
  • 4 EMG channels with spectral and raw signal displays, 4 Skin Resistance and Conductance, 4 Temperature
  • ECG, 2 EMG, 2 Respiration, 2 Skin Resistance, 2 Temperature
  • 1, 2, or 4 EEG channels, Respiration, SR, Temperature

All Signal Breathing Trainer with open Parameter Window    (Click image for a larger, more detailed view.)

C2+ 12 Specifications:

Input Channels
Input Ranges
Input Impedance
Notch Filter
Maximum Bandpass
Max sampling rate per channel
A to D Converter
I/O Format
Isolation, Optical
Amplifier Failure Protection
Static Discharge Protection
Power Source
Electrode Impedance Test
EMG Bandpasses
EEG Bandpass
Heart Rate Bandpass
R Wave Filter & Detector
IBI or HR Output
Temperature Range
Skin Conductance Range
4 EMG, ECG, EEG & 8 SR, Temp, Resp.
±500 µV, ±2000 µV
10 Gohm
50/60 Hz
1 to 400 Hz
1024 SPS
16 Bit Conversion
USB or RS232
50 µA maximum
4 x AA alkaline batteries
250 Ohm to 2 Mohm
100Hz to 400Hz, 10Hz to 400Hz
1 to 64Hz
1Hz to 400Hz
Single Beat Update
40 to 200 beats/minute
60° to 100°F (15° to 38°C)
.5 to 100 µS

Price: $3195.00

Caution: Federal Law restricts this device to sales to a licensed health care provider.
Indications for use: A) relaxation; B) Re-education of muscles; C) treatment of incontinence.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to supporting your work with the highest quality engineering designs and software.

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